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Miracle Market 20 ft of Colorful 1" Hook & Loop Strips with Adhesive Backing - Heavy Duty Hook and Loop Tape for Home, Office, Classroom - Industrial Strength, Sticky Back Fastener Strip, 6 Colors


Your hook and loop self adhesive strips are BRAND NEW! They come in 6 exciting and vibrant colors which you can’t resist. Unlike dots or squares, you can customize the length and shape of your adhesive strips to suit your needs, small patches or long straps, you’ll have 20 ft worth of wide strip, and the larger surface are also mean a much stronger hold!


Just peel off the adhesive strip from its backing and place wherever you require! Your new adhesive strips grip almost to any surface like a vice without damaging your walls and other surfaces with large screw-holes. Once on, the hook and loop fastening will hold itself tightly. Hang anything you require, such as paintings, photos, little devices, decorations, sewing, school supplies, sign holders, posters… prevent sliding of carpet or couch cushions.


Made from high quality nylon, which are strong and durable to hold any light to medium item in place with their hook and loop adhesion. Each strip is 1 inch wide to ensure long lasting and extra strong fastening. Made for repetitive daily use; Will stick and stay!


Your adhesive strips are incredibly easy to use! Just cut with scissors to the length you need, peel off the adhesive strip from its backing and stick! Once done you can place any extras into the provided easily re-opening zipper bag and store your strips. Because of the wide variety of colors, you’ll surely find the suitable straps for your project from this unique selection of red, yellow, green, blue, black and white hook and loop, roll 3.3 ft each


We have created these strips for making your life easier with this colorful and innovative way to fasten almost anything. We are so sure you will love our carefully produced, high-quality hook and loop fasteners, that if for any reason you don’t love your product, we offer a No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Miracle Market Colorful 1 Inch Hook & Loop Self Adhesive Fastener Strips Pairs - 20ft, 6 colors with 3.3ft Each - Comes with 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!


✔️ Durable hook loop fastener strips for repetitive daily use
✔️ Strong tape adhesive on the back ensures secure attachments
✔️ Comes in 6 fun and bright colors to match your needs
✔️ Convenient and safe to use, will not damage your walls like screws or nails



⭐ In the Home: Attach decorations, postcards, photographs, badges, posters, notepads, small devices such as remote control, timers etc to the wall and refrigerator
⭐ Teacher: Strips are an important part of classroom supplies in pre-school or elementary school. Use for hanging artworks, drawings, for sew and craft work, teaching, calendar entries, memos, teamwork, classroom organization, and adding numbers and alphabets next to the blackboard
⭐ At the Office: Replace glue, tape, and pins in your office with these self adhesive strips. Fasten sign holders and frames in a beautiful and safe way to the walls and desk on any side. With these hook and loop straps, you can make easy-to-move elements for your project planning and scheduling and double productivity
⭐ And so much more!

- Quantity: 20 ft of fastener strip pairs consisting of 20 ft of hook strips and 20 ft of loop strips
- Material: Made of high-quality and durable Nylon fabric strip
- Size: Strip Width 1 Inch, total length 20 ft (pairs)
- Colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, White and Black, 3.3 ft of each pair
- Delivered by the rolls in a clear zipper storage bag

- For strong adhesion, its adhesive back is ideal for use on smooth, dry, and dust-free surfaces
- Keep away from water
- Be carefully when attaching to papers, wallpapers, or other easily breakable materials


Product Name

Miracle Market 20 ft of Colorful 1" Hook & Loop Strips with Adhesive Backing - Heavy Duty Hook and Loop Tape for Home, Office, Classroom - Industrial Strength, Sticky Back Fastener Strip, 6 Colors




Aurora Miracle Ltd

Item Weight

6.1 ounces

Package Dimensions

6.7 x 4.3 x 2 inches

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